The goal of this school is to allow young adults to use their lives as a service for eternal priorities.
We provide them with the possibilities and the ways to grow spiritually and to effectively serve God in multiple areas in a church of today: EBS.

We open a door and invite them to invest 9 months of their time for God and to put themselves into action for Him and to leave with a solid base for the adult life that awaits them.
These 9 months will impact their entire life.
They are formed to become leaders and to effectively serve in their church.

The ACTION internship is a spiritual formation, directed by adults who have years of experience in training young adults. Moreover, the training combines theory and practice to best equip students with a solid foundation for their lives.

In terms of spiritual teaching, the Biblical Institute Ex’L is in direct partnership with ISOM (International School of Ministry).
Today, the ISOM educates around 250,000 students in the world and has classes in more than 140 countries. In other words, it is the biggest Biblical school in the world!
The teachings are delivered by qualified international ministers who come from different countries, presenting passionate and important subjects.
For more information: www.exl-institut.com

The Internship is an excellent investment, you will only gain from your experiences, there is nothing to be lost!