Is the housing provided by the Action internship ?
It is up to each student to find their own housing.

Is the transportation in Strasbourg sufficient and accessible?
Yes, it is very accessible. There are several buses, tram lines and Strasbourg accommodates the longest bike path of France. Therefore, you can easily maneuver throughout the city of Strasbourg without the need for a car. (www.cts-strasbourg.fr).

What is the average monthly budget for an intern?
The average budget, including living expenses (housing, food, etc…), tuition, and fees is about 900 € per month.

Can I have a part time job during my year as an Intern?
Yes. Mondays are off and every morning of the week is free, making it practical for an intern to hold a part time job.

What is the Ex’L Bible School Institute ?
One evening a week, you will have the possibility to hear many renowned international teachers bring relevant and deep biblical teachings. Ex’L is in partnership with ISOM (International School of Ministry) which is the biggest biblical school in the world (www.exl-institut.com).